Most Epic Laptop Spotted, Lifetime Free Coffees Assumed...

What started as a fun Star Trek: Discovery thread on io9 bloomed into the photo of this Laptop that quite possibly belongs to a real-life Leeloo Dallas**.

io9/kinja user Alakaboem probably won’t get any work done at the coffee shop, but also probably will never have to pay for coffee again, either.


For those of you not familiar, “Horner’s Danger Motif” is a series of four musical notes (similar to the opening line of Rachmaninoff’s first symphony)that the late film score composer James Horner famously used more than a few times in more than a few movies. It’s a good-natured running joke among his legions of fans, and would make for a grand essay all on its own... Please feel free to post your favorite examples of the Danger Motif in the comments!

Get your own Horner Nerd sticker here.* The others are out there somewhere, I’m sure. But there’s just something about Alakaboem’s perfect combination of decals that makes me smile ear-to-ear...

*(This isn’t a profit deal or a plug, just a link to a pal’s personal sticker design. I’d love to think there are hundreds of these things floating around out there without him even knowing.)

**(Full name: Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat , and she’s perfect.)

It’s not a PT Cruiser, it’s a freakin’ SHUTTLECRAFT.


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