So, Do O-Deck shares to the Main Page Still Happen?

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I know there was some really ugly drama last year, and the less said about that the better... Like the esoteric ranchers say “Drama’s for llamas!”


But is there a way to have maybe a “Friday vote” for one of that week’s articles to hit the main page? io9 is a real ghost town on Saturdays/Sundays, but each week there’s always at least three main-page worthy entries on the Observation Deck (for just one example, this week’s wonderful Howard the Duck Killing Joke review).

Obviously, I don’t know how this works. Heck, I don’t know how anything works! (Seriously, it’s a miracle I have two kids. Because I did not find them under mushrooms and I’ve never seen a cartoon Stork anywhere near my home. Also- that whole tadpole-to-frog thing is just elvin freakin’ magic. Like those fudge cookies.)


I’m mostly just curious. But more than ever, I’m an “io9 believer”, and I’d love to see some of the articles here being used to enrich the main page. Of course, I love the “club” feel of the O-Deck. But maybe we, as a community, can also help bring io9 back to it’s former glory*?

*(Meaning quantity of content and diversity of subjects/writers. I think Rob and the whole gang are doing a great job.)


Cheers, everybody.

PS) I personally know an old hippie llama rancher who says they are bigger divas than alpacas or ostriches.

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